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Windows servers downtime
Posted by Nate L. on 02 July 2014 03:56 AM

15 minutes ago there seemed to be a network issue at our datacenter that is causing our Windows Cluster and Virtual Servers to show as being down.  We are working on the situation and will update here when we know more.  We appreciate everyone's patience.


The servers are back online

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Cedar Falls Datacenter experiencing Connectivity issues
Posted by Mike S on 13 December 2013 08:45 AM

*****UPDATE 12:25pm CST*****

As we were posting the last update it would appear our service was restored.  Again, no official update has been posted by our Data Center but at this time our servers are responding without issue.  However, since the issue has not been officially stated as resolved there may still be issues down the road as they work on the problem.  For now, everything should be working fine. 

*****UPDATE 12:25pm CST*****


Though our Data Center has not updated their status page we do have an update regarding this issue. We have been making calls to every contact we have trying to find a legitimate update and we were able to get one.  The issue has been determined to be with the Up Link provider, CenturyLink, and their lines outside of the building.  CenturyLink is on site and working on the issue but as of right now there is no specific ETA.  We will update this post when we know more. 


Our Data Center in Cedar Falls, IA is experiencing a critical loss of network connectivity.  We have been told by the Data Center that all updates regarding this outage can be found here - .

This outage will effect all of our Windows Shared Hosting customers (those on the web1 and webA clusters) as well as a few other individual customers.  If you have any questions about this outage please send a ticket to 

Thank you
The PowerSurge Team

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All data from VolumeDrive outage has been recovered.
Posted by Mike S on 06 September 2013 09:27 AM

We have finally reached the end of this incredibly horrid situation with  Late last night, our server came back online with no warning, update, or any bit of information from  We were shocked and we immediately started moving customer data to a local facility.  We have recovered all data from that server and we can now provide it to you.

The problem now, however, is how to restore that data to you.  Because we made the decision to return whatever service we could to our customers, if we were to do a full restore of your site you could potentially lose any changes you have made since that service was restored to you.  So, in an effort to preserve that data, we can provide the backups to you in a few different ways.  


  1. We can place the backup in your current account and you can download it locally, extract what data you need from it, and re-upload that back to your account OR tell us what you are looking for specifically and we can unearth it and restore it for you. 

  2. If you have made no changes over the last week because the site was outdated or you were holding out hope for your data to be recovered, we can do a full wipe of your account and restore the entire backup for you.  This is the fastest way to recover your site as it was before the outage but you will lose any changes made since our previous restore - including email.  We can, however, take a backup of your account as it is now and provide that to you after the restore, or if there is a particular file that you need we can save it and place it back. 

Either way, we will be extremely careful with your data.  We have the data from the old server stored in multiple places and we will backup all data in your current account before any change is made.  We will not put anyone through a major loss of data like this again.  Please open a support ticket at  

We are standing by.

Thank you
PowerSurge Support
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VolumeDrive Outage Update
Posted by Mike S on 28 August 2013 03:19 PM

We are still having issues with our service at  I have included an email converstaion that we have had over the last two days with Josh Bohanon, the owner of  The last update was at 9:45am CST. 

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I am going to pull your server now and provide an update here shortly.

wrote: ninedotsystems

We spoke yesterday on the phone and via email and you stated that our server would be back online yesterday. That obviously did not happen. I am not going to get into all the we have been down for blah blah blah, we are losing customer, money all of that because I know you know this. As a business owner you have to be aware of these issues already.

I am no non-sense kind of guy. I don’t care about all of that other stuff right now, I just want our server back online and I want you to be realistic with me. At the very worst, if you do not believe that our services will be restored can we get our backup drives out of the box? We purchased these and drop shipped them to you, they are our equipment.

Bottom line, I need this server online today. Can you do this or not.

Mike S.

From: Josh Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 10:38 AM To: Mike Subject: Re: CLF-147

We are working on these... ETA will be today at some point

wrote: ninedotsystems

We spoke briefly on the phone. I fully comprehend the situation you are in and if at all possible would appreciate any type of ETA I can work with. Even if that eta is 48 hours or more, something I can wrap my head around would be very much appreciated.

Server in question is CLF-147, []

Thank you Mike S.

-- Best Regards, Josh B.
General: info[at]
Support: support[at]
Twitter: @volumedrive
reliable, high-performance hosting

-- Best Regards, Josh B.
General: info[at]
Support: support[at]
Twitter: @volumedrive reliable,
high-performance hosting

*All personal email addresses were redacted for privacy reasons.

We are not adding this as an effort to quell the frustration that is brought on by this situation.  We are not trying to make it seem like the situation is ok because we are providing proof that VolumeDrive is misleading us every step in this horrible situation.  We just want everyone to know and understand what it is we are dealing with.  We will continue to pursue VolumeDrive until this matter is resolved. 

For those of you that have had service restored, we have started the migration away from and  We will be using a new colocation provider,  HiVelocity is a well respected data center with a great reputation in this industry.  So far we have been extremely impressed by their service and products.  You can read more about their data center here -

We began the migration of our corporate sites first.  There were a few bumps in the migration but everything is up and running now.  We did this first so all lines of communication would remain open during the customer account migration.  We started the migration by taking remote backups of all accounts and are now transferring live accounts to new servers.  You may notice, periodically, a little bit of lag during this migration, but at no time will you have an interruption of service.  

It is going to be a long uphill battle for Nine Dot Systems to restore faith in the customers that have had to deal with this unimaginable problem but I will insure you of this, we are not going anywhere.  We will not rest until everything is back online.  


Nine Dot Support Team
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Volume Drive Outage
Posted by Mike S on 27 August 2013 11:38 AM

Some of you are already aware of this situation but it would seem as though we have been caught in the middle of a fight between a Data Center,, and one of their colocation providers -

There is no simple explanation here.  We have colocated servers with Volumedrive and it appears that on Thursday 08/22/2013 they moved to a new data center with zero advanced notice to any of their customers.  It also seems that they had to make a rush move because they owed a very large amount of money to their data center.  According to what we know, Volumedrive's new data center was not ready but they decided to move there anyway and because of this it is taking a very long time for them to bring up customer equipment. This move caused all of our corporate sites and email to go down as well as a few customer servers. In their move a small amount of their hardware was left at We contacted and determined that they had the majority of our colocated equipment and they have brought those servers back online, including our corporate server.  

Unfortunately, one server is still in the possession of and they have not been able to restore services to their client base as of this moment. The last update provided via their twitter page stated their network was ready and they were going to start powering up servers soon. At this point, is refusing to give any specific ETA on when our equipment will be back online.  We have spoken with them several times on the phone and via email since then and we are just not seeing them make enough progress.  

At this point we are willing to setup a new account for you so you can at least get your email up and running again.  If you have a backup of your site you can also restore this to this new account. Please remember that you will need to recreate your email accounts with the proper passwords.  If you are unsure what your passwords were just use new ones and be sure to change the password in your email application.   

We will continue to work with in an effort to restore services back to the way they were and recover all customer data.  We know this situation is untenable and we will address it once service is back to 100% for all those affected.

Thank you

Nine Dot Systems Support Staff

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